Upcoming things!


I will be updating this a little more frequently as soon as I get some things sorted out!

I just thought I’d take a little bit of time to share about the projects I am recently working on:

1. Kyoo and The Hearts Abandoned “Void” CD Packaging- This packaging was comissioned by my good friend who goes by the name of Q. This project has been open for a while now and unfortunately not much progress has been made due to a lot of family-related issues on my part. However this project is very interesting. Completely original typeface is being created for the type treatment and most of the design will probably be hand drawn. We are working on trying to come up with a cheap and interesting packing option to sort of top off the design. This is a very grassroots type design and will be mostly hand-drawn and the packaging will probably be cardstock or something like that. We are very excited about this.

2. ep6416 Business cards- I have just finished designing my 2″ x 3.5″ business cards. I am currently looking for a good printer. I would like to do spot UV treatement on both sides of the card so if anyone can help me I would appreciate it greatly!

3. Three T-shirt designs for Hakishi Orishima, a shirt/printing company- This is another fun project I’m currently working on. I have full creative freedom with these designs as long as I make a one color design an one being a max of three colors. I’m working on the three color design currently we’ll see how these turn out. If I like them enough I will be asking them to print me a limited amount of hand silk-screened posters that I will be selling.

4. Identity- I will update the information on this. All I can say right now is I am creating an identity/website for a non-profit education organization based in the DFW area.

5. This Grand Adventure promotional material- As I am writing music for my music project, This Gran Adventure, I will begin designing some promotional material for this. This project probably won’t begin until I have enough music written and recorded to make it worth my time.

That’s all for now! If anyone needs any design work please contact me at afmondragonb@aol.com!



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