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Boring update


I see I’m still bad at updating this. Now people will never read my blog. We have a new assignment in my Typography class, I think it will be something I’ll be able to post here for everyone to view when it is finished! I’m performing at an event on October 15th somewhere in Carrollton. […]

So I’m in Louisiana visiting my girlfriend’s family. I like Louisiana, I haven’t seen much of it on this trip, but I went to New Orleans when I was younger. Of course I took my laptop with me so I could work on my assignments and work on a poster that I’ve been doing for […]

Another Clock


Another day, another clock


I just finished watching a movie called Three Extremes, which comprises of three completely different short films directed by three directors, Fruit Chan from Hong Kong, Takashi Miike from Japan, and Chang Wook-Park (director of Oldboy). This was probably one of the most visually enticing films I have seen. They are classified under horror but […]

Work was consuming me over the summer and school just started so I’ve been swamped. I’m going to try to update this as much as possible with my work and other things I might find interesting! I recently finished this design today. There’s a lot more I’d like to do to it, but I’m leaving […]