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Zombie Flick?


So I just finished watching this movie called “Deadgirl”. As you can see from the poster this movie comes from the producer of Heathers and Hellraiser, which are both great films (I have not seen Heathers but I hear only good things). The main plot of the story is that two high school kids find […]

I stumbled upon this website today while looking for examples of swashes (I’m really bad at elaborate swashes) to use as reference for a school project I’m working on. These two types are school projects I believe designed by Lorenzo Fernandez. I like it for two reasons, one, it reminds me of a typographic marriage […]

The Cat Piano


I found this very interesting video created by The People’s Republic of Animation today on the synthgear blog. It’s called “The Cat Piano”, which brings light upon an “instrument” created in Germany I would assume in the 18th century. It’s really interesting and this video is great, I just thought I’d share it.   -AM

New projects?


So I believe I will start helping my friend Chino with some concert/event posters for a while. I a made three in the past week and a half (two for the same show). I haven’t been able to really put to use any skills I have picked up in the last year in commercial work […]



So I went and bought these Red Ralph Lauren Pants the other day. That’s pretty much all this post is about. I’ll have some vector roughs of some work at the end of the weekend posted. I’ll also be able to add music to this pretty soon! AM