New projects?


10.28_smallSo I believe I will start helping my friend Chino with some concert/event posters for a while. I a made three in the past week and a half (two for the same show). I haven’t been able to really put to use any skills I have picked up in the last year in commercial work so this will really prove to myself how much I have learned! The above poster’s main type treatment was my first attempt at something like that, I guess pre-post modernist style? If you couldn’t tell I was influenced by the branding of the Mexico Olympics in ’68 I believe. The secondary type is a free font named Bebas. I’ve never found a way to use it without looking cheesy, maybe this is the first time I’ve been able to successfully use it? Maybe not. There are a couple of flaws to this poster which I will definitely not repeat in the future.The full size version is 11 x 17.

I’m finishing up designing a poster I will be selling under my own name. I’m working on getting the inks to screen print it. I’ll be selling some prints (not screen printed) of this on thursday for a couple of bucks if anyone would like to buy one. It’s an owl, but I’m not posting pictures until I get the pictures of the screen printed ones.

In other news, I’m playing a concert on thursday. More on that later this week.



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