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So I was browsing through the snowden myspace because somehow I was reminiscing about how much I enjoyed listening to snowden a couple of years ago and first of all, it seems they are getting ready to release a new album (woo!) and also they have posted a few christmas songs for free download as […]

So as everyone may have noticed, I am really bad at keeping up with this blog. I promise promise I will work on updating this more often, be it music, fine art, design, whatever. I haven’t been near a computer recently, taking sort of a personal vacation. However, I have decided that in addition to […]

Please excuse the lack of posts on here lately. The school semester is winding down and it’s been pretty busy because of it around here. I’ve putting up my recent projects on The Behance Network so if you would like to view my most recent work please visit my Behance page here. I promise I […]