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The first I have to say is that there have been so many new albums coming out recently that I am completely overwhelmed! Four Tet, Jaga, Efterklang, Autechre, Toro Y Moy, Xiu Xiu, Silver Mt. Zion just to name a few and none of them have let me down so far. With that stated, I […]

Okay so this is a new thing I am going to be starting, I might not keep to my word as far as weekly free albums because I am not one to share pirated music, so I have to find free music directly from the artist or label. However, I can assure you they will […]

This designer’s work is great, very simple and geometric. I posted my favorites from his website below Leandro Castelao website via PUBLIC SCHOOL -AM

Much like other major street artists like Blek Le Rat or Space Invader, Banksy has been “around the block” so to speak. Banksy has made a name for himself both by his distinct style, political and social messages, and his balls, for lack of a better word. Original Banksy artwork can be found in various […]

It has always been part of human curiosity to explore every single part of this planet, and so far we’re doing a wonderful job. So why don’t we try to implement these concepts to better our everyday lives? Designer Martin Angelov has created a concept that does just this. I know in Denton, TX where […]

I was extremely excited when I found this website. How many times do you go to the mall or wherever and you try to find some cool things for your child but everything is cars, monsters and Barbies and whatnot? The Iglooplay collection by Lisa Albin Design provides a fresh new look at children’s furniture […]

I found this over at the ISO50 blog so I’ll just relay the message: “Pitchfork Media and XLR8R have teamed up and curated a free compilationtogether which features a ton fresh talent. I picked a few songs from it, the real stand out is the energetic work by Nice Nice, has this feeling of Battlesmeets Konono N°1, its strong on […]