Free Music from edPorth


I have recently discovered an Italian musician that plays under the name of edPorth. When I first listened to the album “Saying Vamos and Thinking Let’s Go”  it reminded me of something like early Telefon Tel Aviv mixed with Hammock-like textures.  I definitely recommend this album for those who are not familiar with ambient electronic music and are wanting a taste (check out Telefon Tel Aviv too!). Anyways, edPorth uses great layering of his instruments to create very full and beautiful sound textures and then takes these textures and adds an electronic beat you can almost dance to. It is both relaxing and upbeat. Definitely a great find. I recommend the song checking out the title track “Saying Vamos and Thinking Let’s Go”. The site which you can download the album, from lets you stream the entire album (if you doubt my tastes) and you can also download low quality versions for your mp3 player (if you don’t want to sacrifice memory) or very high quality versions to enjoy anywhere!

Download edPorth- “Saying Vamos and Thinking Let’s Go” for free here

By the way this download is completely legal and sponsored by the musician’s record label so you don’t have to worry about breaking the law.



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