January Mixtape is here!



1. Porn Sword Tobacco- Sjöbodarna Står Tomma Över Jul

2. Yucatan- Hull

3. Susumu Yokota & Rothko- Path Fades Into Forest

4. Arms and Sleepers- The Architekt

6. Obfusc- Amateur Cartography

7. Telefon Tel Aviv- Farenheit Fair Enough

8. Aus- Fake Five

9. The American Dollar- Landing

10. The Album Leaf- Falling From the Sun


So I have just put the finishing touches for the first January Mixtape. What I’m guessing I will do is release one mixtape a month and maybe some random ones in between. With this mixtape I have compiled some of my favorite relaxed, but somewhat upbeat songs. I kept the majority of the mix electronic-based music but I threw in one track by Welsh band Yucatan, which I think is absolutely stunning. I would definitely compare them to Sigur Ros. Another thing I tried to do was to include some relatively unknown bands so more people will support all of the artists on this mixtape. Also as an extra special bonus I have included a track from The Album Leaf’s new album, “A Chorus of Storytellers”. I hope everyone enjoys this playlist as much as I do! I’d love to hear some feedback as well as maybe some requests as to where to go with the next mixtape!

Just a little side note here: I’d like to let everyone know that if any artists or their affiliates would like me to remove a song from this mixtape (or I could make the entire mixtape available as one continuous song) just send me an email and I will remove it/fix it and update the mixtape with no hesitation.



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