New creative project.


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So I have officially begun my creative project. Every month I will upload a new desktop background and it will be available for anyone to use on their computer. I decided that since I am in need of constant design creativity and this should keep me focused on learning new design techniques and just hone my design skills. There’s not really going to be a theme, it’s more so me just experimenting and testing my limitations (I’ve also decided that if I have enough patience I don’t really have limitations). Anyways I have made the background available in four different sizes (borrowed the idea/look from the Kitsune Noir wallpaper section of their blog) so there won’t be a problem. If you want to use this image but you just can’t for some reason shoot me an email at

Also for you music fans, I will also be releasing some mixtapes often, I don’t know how often. Everyone asks me to make them mix CD’s all the time so I figured I’ll make a couple a month and post them on here. The first mix is just nine songs and includes songs by Telefon Tel Aviv and Autechre. I’m going to work on the mix cover art tomorrow so it should be up in a couple of days! I have more interesting things to talk about but I feel like I’m already overstaying my welcome so I’ll post some more interesting/non-personal items throughout the week.

Enjoy my wallpaper!



One Response to “New creative project.”

  1. Love it. This is my current desktop.

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