Album Review: Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy)- Heartland


Rating: 4.8/5

I first heard of Final Fantasy one day when I was browsing through Spune Production’s calendar of events. Spune organizes great events (such as the Wall of Sound Festival and of course booking my band back in the day, haha) so I trusted their judgement in booking Final Fantasy to play in Abilene. Seeing as how I don’t live in Abilene I went to try to find the album. I picked up He Poos Clouds and I was very surprised to find a musician that uses a violin as his primary instrument to create poppy indie music. I’ve been anticipating the relase of Heartland for a while now and I am very glad to have the chance to listen to it now.

So first off I’d like to apologize for posting this review the day AFTER the album released, I’ve been meaning to write this for about a week now, so let’s get to it. In He Poos Clouds and Has A Good Home I noticed that some songs are weaker than others and there are times in the album where there is a minor loss of coherency (I’d also like to say that these two albums are in my top 20 albums of all time) and the a lot of the EP’s he has released seem to portray a different side of Owen Pallet that is not seen on his full length albums. I did not expect Owen to write a terrible album or to write boring music or anything, but I did prepare myself for moments of “difference” in the album. I was completely blown away by the coherency of Heartland. It’s as if Owen took elements from the best songs of his pervious albums and wrote a complete album based off of those songs. I’ve listened to this album more than a couple of times already and I can’t seem to find a song that I do not enjoy listening to. This is a wonderfully composed album and I could not expect anything less from Owen Pallet. Speaking of composition it seems that this album shifts the emphasis on the violin and focuses on more elements of music. There is more of a “full-band” feel to this album; off the top of my head I know there is electronic programing, keyboards, drums, violin (of course). Definitely living up to his formal musical background this album is definitely composed completely and it is utterly beautiful. A lot of the progressions and dynamics are borrowed from classical music and orchestral scores but Owen familiarizes this music by adding either very lighthearted drumming, catchy vocals, etc. I cannot really point out a song that I prefer on this album, as I have mentioned before this album is great to enjoy as a whole and no songs are weak. I am definitely excited to see what Owen Pallet can come up with next.

Owen Pallett website

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2 Responses to “Album Review: Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy)- Heartland”

  1. Nice honest review! How exactly do you come up with your rating system?

    – Chris
    Discuss and discover today’s newest music at

    • 2 ep6416


      I base my ratings off of four main criteria: flow/coherency, composition, creativity/uniqueness, and packaging design!


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