Free album of the week!


Okay so this is a new thing I am going to be starting, I might not keep to my word as far as weekly free albums because I am not one to share pirated music, so I have to find free music directly from the artist or label. However, I can assure you they will be full albums and completely free!

The first album is a great band called Gabriel with the album, “Good Old Days”

Here is the press release: Currently residing in Pennsylvania, Gabriel Kreps has filled all our nostalgic desires with his newest album “Good old Days”. An entertaining recollection through melodic impressions of radiance, compassion, and pleasure all embracing a trail into the past. Gabriel stitches these sonic memories together with warm analog synths, loving samples, and spirited beats.

Just as the cover art expresses a fondness for youthful sunny days “Sunrise Reef” exemplifies these childhood playgrounds with dreamy ambient swells and colorful melodies. A more wistful feeling is established in “the whisper foundation” with its longing surges of full-bodied sounds.

Yeah so that’s cool and all but what does Gabriel sound like? Well it all sounds extremely analog (I don’t know if it’s actually analog gear he uses though) so think of it around the same level as Boards of Canada and Tycho.

Download here

I hope you like it!



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