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Rating: 4.8/5 I first heard of Final Fantasy one day when I was browsing through Spune Production’s calendar of events. Spune organizes great events (such as the Wall of Sound Festival and of course booking my band back in the day, haha) so I trusted their judgement in booking Final Fantasy to play in Abilene. […]

About 1-2 years ago, one of my favorite California noise bands, The Mae Shi, released an album titled “HLLLYH” in which I had noticed that their main vocalist and founding member Ezra Buchla, was not singing. I quickly found out that he left the band. Now side note here, it seems that their drummer also […]

Tracklist: 1. Porn Sword Tobacco- Sjöbodarna Står Tomma Över Jul 2. Yucatan- Hull 3. Susumu Yokota & Rothko- Path Fades Into Forest 4. Arms and Sleepers- The Architekt 6. Obfusc- Amateur Cartography 7. Telefon Tel Aviv- Farenheit Fair Enough 8. Aus- Fake Five 9. The American Dollar- Landing 10. The Album Leaf- Falling From the Sun […]

Choose a size to download from below: So I have officially begun my creative project. Every month I will upload a new desktop background and it will be available for anyone to use on their computer. I decided that since I am in need of constant design creativity and this should keep me focused on […]

I completely forgot about this, I was going to post this earlier but I’ve been fairly busy/not on the computer. I recently made a poster for my friend Matthew Gray, not much to say about it. I’m still challenging myself to render forms as geometrically as possible as sort of an exploration on my design […]

I have recently discovered an Italian musician that plays under the name of edPorth. When I first listened to the album “Saying Vamos and Thinking Let’s Go”  it reminded me of something like early Telefon Tel Aviv mixed with Hammock-like textures.  I definitely recommend this album for those who are not familiar with ambient electronic […]