Some new work!


Hello everyone,

Finally I am back and with so many new things to talk about. But I am not talking about any of them today. Today I have taken some time out of my day to show my latest poster. I don’t think it’s anything special either, but I made it in one hour so I’m pretty proud of it. This is not the version of the poster that I submitted to the client, as always I was asked to saturate poster the poster with information. I decided to make a simplified version to add to my portfolio so I hope everyone enjoys it! The main type was created using a lip liner pencil that my girlfriend let me borrow, I might experiment with this style of type more if I ever get the chance to. Maybe for my next desktop wallpaper….One of my original intents with this poster was to not use any sort of image I had not created myself. However I only had one hour to make this so I recreated a hand that I found using a web search engine. The distressed effect was taken from old stock photography I have collected over the past couple of years. Again it was very unfortunate that I had to resort to using found images but I will make sure that my next design (that I have complete creative control over) is made completely from scratch!

(the hand is supposed to look both like it is asking for a dance and also sort of reaching out for help…)



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