March Mixtape is finally here!


Sorry for the lack of updates! I am in the middle of some very big changes in my life and it’s really not leaving me with much free time. I’ve had this mixtape sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks now and I finally found time to post it! I am also working on a wallpaper, but I don’t think it will be finished before the end of this month. I have been acquiring a lot of music lately including the latest: Loscil, Boy is Fiction, Caribou, and 65daysofstatic among many others so look forward to some album reviews soon (if I can find the time!). Oh also I made the cover artwork the way it was because most of these songs give me a sort of nostalgic feeling!

This month’s tracklisting:

1. Silk, Silver, and Stone by Midaircondo

2. Risturinn by Amiina

3. So Much Time to Call My Own by Barzin

4. Lionheart by Immanu El

5. Some Are Lakes (Acoustic) by Land of Talk

6. Life Being What It Is by Kaki King

7. The Wrong Way by Maia Hirasawa

8. Breathe Into Glass by Asobi Seksu

9. I like Rain (the Jean Sartre Experience) by Lali Puna

10. Birthday (Icelandic Version) by The Sugarcubes

11. The Apple & The Tooth by Bibio

I made this playlist with my beautiful girlfriend in mind, so I dedicated it to her.

I hope everyone enjoys this playlist! Please email me if you cannot download it and I will email it to you!

Find the playlist here.


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