AT&T “Rebranding”


These are hard times we live in today. Corporations are quickly losing the baby boomer generation that has so faithfully supported them through the past years and they are losing, or not even catching, the interest of the newer generations. In keeping up with the fast paced constantly changing elements of society brands are starting to incorporate what I like to call the “MTV technique” which consists of a set identity mark but allows for a generous amount of freedom with the design and application of said identity mark. Of course MTV decided to stop doing this but of course someone had to take over the throne. The most notable being Aol. with their new branding system that consists of placing a while “Aol.” over pretty much whatever. Be it ducks or crazy paint splatters or goldfish or robots. This is supposed to appeal to the new generations (my generation) and I really hope it doesn’t. I do not support these at all, but maybe being a designer keeps me a bit biased to this idea.

Well apparently Aol. is doing something right. AT&T has unveiled their new branding strategy that involves re-energizing their identity mark by making it look like they gave a bunch of 1st graders crayons and pencils and asked them to attempt to recreate the AT&T logo. I’m going to admit however, the application in the video I posted above was not bad, but keep in mind that these alternate logos do only appear for fractions of a second. This is nice, I am scared to see how the alternate marks will be applied to other advertising mediums.

One thing that many of you might or might not know is that I am a huge fan of minimalism. AT&T has struck a chord with me by completely eliminating the logotype and leaving just the world mark as their logo. I do not know how this will fare in the long run, seeing as how if I don’t know what something is called I probably won’t be too interested in it. But AT&T is a huge company and I am sure they will have no trouble making their presence  known to all the toddlers with malleable brains.

I am very excited to see how this branding strategy is gonig to play out and although I am not a fan of multiple iterations of a mark being applied at the same time, I am sure AT&T will find a way to please me and make this campaign successful.

via Brand New.



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