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Nice Wood!


I’m not starting a watch posting trend here, it’s just been a coincidence. Formerly Italian, now Los Angeles based WeWood create beautiful watches made from reclaimed wood in the shape of scrap flooring. They have a multitude of wood types and two different styles available. Which with the different types of wood gives you a […]

Below is a great article posted on 99% by Jocelyn K. Glei titled “Is Consumerism Killing Our Creativity?” Have you ever fallen into a black hole of comparison shopping? You’re looking for a new digital camera, for instance. You head over to and read some reviews of various cameras, watch the video demos, identify […]

“In the last few years, doing good and helping others has become fashionable with companies clamoring to get on the do-gooding bandwagon. One of the more interesting efforts is the buy-one, give-one model, a concept most associated with TOMS shoes but which is quickly gaining additional corporate followers. And while it’s certainly hard to criticize […]

Bright Young Things, a new label by designer Eliza Starbuck features one dress. One little, black dress. Starbuck designed this dress with one goal, to make the dress that was versatile and fashionable. Wearers are expected to wear the dress in however way they want to and on her website, people can even submit photos […]