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Nice Wood!


I’m not starting a watch posting trend here, it’s just been a coincidence. Formerly Italian, now Los Angeles based WeWood create beautiful watches made from reclaimed wood in the shape of scrap flooring. They have a multitude of wood types and two different styles available. Which with the different types of wood gives you a […]

Minimalism is a theme that encompasses most of my existence. From the way I try accomplish, the music I listen to and write, and the style in which I design it is noticeable that I am a very big fan of minimalism. Which leads me to O’Clock watches. Yes, they are now being sold in […]

I was extremely excited when I found this website. How many times do you go to the mall or wherever and you try to find some cool things for your child but everything is cars, monsters and Barbies and whatnot? The Iglooplay collection by Lisa Albin Design provides a fresh new look at children’s furniture […]