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Very excited about this film. -AM Advertisements

Much like other major street artists like Blek Le Rat or Space Invader, Banksy has been “around the block” so to speak. Banksy has made a name for himself both by his distinct style, political and social messages, and his balls, for lack of a better word. Original Banksy artwork can be found in various […]

Zombie Flick?


So I just finished watching this movie called “Deadgirl”. As you can see from the poster this movie comes from the producer of Heathers and Hellraiser, which are both great films (I have not seen Heathers but I hear only good things). The main plot of the story is that two high school kids find […]


I just finished watching a movie called Three Extremes, which comprises of three completely different short films directed by three directors, Fruit Chan from Hong Kong, Takashi Miike from Japan, and Chang Wook-Park (director of Oldboy). This was probably one of the most visually enticing films I have seen. They are classified under horror but […]