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I have some things to sort out in my life and get it stable again. Lot’s of content and events coming soon! šŸ™‚ -AM Advertisements

The fellas at GOOD have asked the community to create an infographic about childhood obesity. I have pasted their post below: the OBJECTIVE Create an infographic about the childhood obesity epidemic. the ASSIGNMENT For this contest, we’re working with the Let’s Move! initiative to help address the problem of childhood obesity by raising awareness about […]

Kulte is a french clothing brand based in Marseilles with various boutiques throughout the country of France. They collaborate with various artists from different medium. They have a website jam-packed with information on different events that they help promote/collaborate/participate in and overall it seems like a ton of fun. Their clothing gives off a casual […]

Due to unforeseen circumstances I do not see anything being posted for April as far as a playlist goes. The end of the semester is coming so I might not be posting desktop wallpapers until the end of May! I’m sorry everyone but keep checking back every now and then! -AM

I am on a constant quest for new and noteworthy music, I am also on the quest for great design when it comes to music packaging. I find myself sometimes listening to music just because IĀ appreciateĀ the album artwork. As many times as this has let me down, today is not one of those times. The […]

I’m currently listening to this album and will hopefully post a review of it soon. Just know that the rest of the album is as good if not better than this song!

It’s not like I post a music video every day, but enjoy!