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This is a beautiful video and beautiful by one of my favorite shoegaze/drone bands.

Okay so this is a new thing I am going to be starting, I might not keep to my word as far as weekly free albums because I am not one to share pirated music, so I have to find free music directly from the artist or label. However, I can assure you they will […]

I have recently discovered an Italian musician that plays under the name of edPorth. When I first listened to the album “Saying Vamos and Thinking Let’s Go”  it reminded me of something like early Telefon Tel Aviv mixed with Hammock-like textures.  I definitely recommend this album for those who are not familiar with ambient electronic […]

  I do not know how long it’s been announced, but Lymbyc Systym is dropping a new album that is actually set to be released today. I have the pleasure of personally knowing Michael Bell and I must say that besides being great guys they also make great music. They’re also one of the few […]