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Binary & The Brain is a design team based in London and Los Angeles. What stands out about their work is their cleanliness in their design work. Very cleverly executed and well thought out design is everything you see when going through their portfolio. No matter how busy or intricate the content of their design […]

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have been gone for so long! Moving, end of semester, getting some projects finished up. It’s been a busy, 3 months? Anyways, I have a new person helping me with this website so there should be no excuse for a lack of posts on here. She will mainly […]

This designer’s work is great, very simple and geometric. I posted my favorites from his website below Leandro Castelao website via PUBLIC SCHOOL -AM

Much like other major street artists like Blek Le Rat or Space Invader, Banksy has been “around the block” so to speak. Banksy has made a name for himself both by his distinct style, political and social messages, and his balls, for lack of a better word. Original Banksy artwork can be found in various […]

Choose a size to download from below: So I have officially begun my creative project. Every month I will upload a new desktop background and it will be available for anyone to use on their computer. I decided that since I am in need of constant design creativity and this should keep me focused on […]

So I was browsing through the snowden myspace because somehow I was reminiscing about how much I enjoyed listening to snowden a couple of years ago and first of all, it seems they are getting ready to release a new album (woo!) and also they have posted a few christmas songs for free download as […]

I stumbled upon this website today while looking for examples of swashes (I’m really bad at elaborate swashes) to use as reference for a school project I’m working on. These two types are school projects I believe designed by Lorenzo Fernandez. I like it for two reasons, one, it reminds me of a typographic marriage […]