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I bought this book after reading a post/interview about it on Grain Edit. This book is basically what the cover suggests, a book to help you get started in the freelancing business. Whether it’s design, photography, film, etc. This book is very general to be able to guide a freelancer in pretty much any creative […]

Binary & The Brain is a design team based in London and Los Angeles. What stands out about their work is their cleanliness in their design work. Very cleverly executed and well thought out design is everything you see when going through their portfolio. No matter how busy or intricate the content of their design […]

Romain Lenacker


Art Director Romain Lenacker specializes in illustrations using photographs of paper. I have seen a good amount of “hand-made” design but this is one of the best I see. It seems that his style focuses around basic geometric shapes and the use of color to accentuate his work. Take a look at some pictures below: […]

These are hard times we live in today. Corporations are quickly losing the baby boomer generation that has so faithfully supported them through the past years and they are losing, or not even catching, the interest of the newer generations. In keeping up with the fast paced constantly changing elements of society brands are starting […]

This designer’s work is great, very simple and geometric. I posted my favorites from his website below Leandro Castelao website via PUBLIC SCHOOL -AM

Tracklist: 1. Porn Sword Tobacco- Sjöbodarna Står Tomma Över Jul 2. Yucatan- Hull 3. Susumu Yokota & Rothko- Path Fades Into Forest 4. Arms and Sleepers- The Architekt 6. Obfusc- Amateur Cartography 7. Telefon Tel Aviv- Farenheit Fair Enough 8. Aus- Fake Five 9. The American Dollar- Landing 10. The Album Leaf- Falling From the Sun […]

Choose a size to download from below: So I have officially begun my creative project. Every month I will upload a new desktop background and it will be available for anyone to use on their computer. I decided that since I am in need of constant design creativity and this should keep me focused on […]