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Sorry for the lack of updates! I am in the middle of some very big changes in my life and it’s really not leaving me with much free time. I’ve had this mixtape sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks now and I finally found time to post it! I am also working […]

The first I have to say is that there have been so many new albums coming out recently that I am completely overwhelmed! Four Tet, Jaga, Efterklang, Autechre, Toro Y Moy, Xiu Xiu, Silver Mt. Zion just to name a few and none of them have let me down so far. With that stated, I […]

Okay so this is a new thing I am going to be starting, I might not keep to my word as far as weekly free albums because I am not one to share pirated music, so I have to find free music directly from the artist or label. However, I can assure you they will […]

I found this over at the ISO50 blog so I’ll just relay the message: “Pitchfork Media and XLR8R have teamed up and curated a free compilationtogether which features a ton fresh talent. I picked a few songs from it, the real stand out is the energetic work by Nice Nice, has this feeling of Battlesmeets Konono N°1, its strong on […]

Rating: 4.8/5 I first heard of Final Fantasy one day when I was browsing through Spune Production’s calendar of events. Spune organizes great events (such as the Wall of Sound Festival and of course booking my band back in the day, haha) so I trusted their judgement in booking Final Fantasy to play in Abilene. […]

About 1-2 years ago, one of my favorite California noise bands, The Mae Shi, released an album titled “HLLLYH” in which I had noticed that their main vocalist and founding member Ezra Buchla, was not singing. I quickly found out that he left the band. Now side note here, it seems that their drummer also […]